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The Branson Bean has come a long way since 2004 and the original Deidrich 7 pound roaster. The Branson Bean started in 2004 in the Historic Downtown retail district of Branson, Missouri. It soon expanded by selling products through several retail locations around Branson and across the USA. Our internet customer-base has even gone International with customers in Canada!

In December of 2006, without knowing the Branson Bean on "Coffee Road", the Lane Family moved to the Branson area!  Since then, the Lane Family was drawn into the world of fresh roasted gourmet coffees and purchased the Branson Bean in March 2010!

Our Bean Business and our Family has grown to 5 members in this fantastic town of Branson, and everyone likes to get involved from roasting coffee, making labels and packing boxes for shipment!

The Branson Bean has helped us realize our life-long dream to own our very own small business and teach our children the American Dream. Boy were we surprised at the NEW things we were about to learn being small business owners!

 The Branson Bean Coffee Roasterie has been re-born with a focus on wholesale, retail, private labeled coffee products, fundraising and internet sales of its micro-roasted gourmet coffees that its customers have grown to love worldwide since its roots in 2004!

The Branson Bean line of coffee products is offered at local Branson area businesses, and can be purchased as bagged ground or whole bean coffee in numerous area locations. We are also working with the Boy Scouts, Cheerleading Squads and various other not for profit groups looking to raise funds to support their groups.

In May 2012, the Branson Bean purchased a Diedrich 33 pound roaster. This new roaster allowed us to increase our capacity to meet the growing demands of our expanding business while keeping true to our commitment to be at our children's activities!

The Branson Bean takes great pride in CUSTOMER SERVICE. YOU are our inspiration for roasting the best beans in the WORLD!


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Contact us at (417) 231-1971